Britt Baker vs. Taya Valkyrie on AEW Dynamite Leaves Bully Ray Puzzled

AEW Radio Host Shares Candid Take on Recent Match.

by Atia Mukhtar
Britt Baker vs. Taya Valkyrie on AEW Dynamite Leaves Bully Ray Puzzled

Bully Ray, renowned wrestling personality and host of "Busted Open Radio," was eagerly looking forward to the showdown between Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Taya Valkyrie on the recent episode of "AEW Dynamite." However, despite the high expectations, the match left Bully somewhat underwhelmed and scratching his head.

Speaking candidly on his radio show, Bully Ray admitted that the chemistry between the two talented competitors seemed lacking for a significant portion of the match. He expressed his surprise and confusion, considering the experience and expertise both Britt Baker and Taya Valkyrie possess in the wrestling ring.

Talented AEW Duo's Off-Kilter Clash

According to Bully, both women are undoubtedly top talents in AEW, but during this particular encounter, something appeared off-kilter. He theorized that both competitors were perhaps trying to showcase their individual skills a bit too much, resulting in moments where they weren't fully working in tandem for the benefit of the match.

"Too many mistakes were made by seasoned professionals like Baker and Valkyrie," Bully analyzed, suggesting that they might not have been able to establish a proper connection before stepping into the ring. He went on to highlight the current state of AEW's women's division, expressing his concern about the lack of challenging opponents for Britt Baker, except for former women's champion Thunder Rosa.

Bully lamented that there seems to be a considerable gap between Baker's caliber and the rest of the roster. "The match went so poorly at one point that they abruptly went to a picture-in-picture commercial break," Bully observed, noting that this unusual decision during the broadcast may have been a result of how the match was unfolding.

In Bully's opinion, AEW needs to invest more time and effort into bolstering the women's division, just as they are doing with other aspects of the promotion. He emphasized that the lack of growth and focus on the women's roster is a concern, and he expressed a desire to see improvements in this area.

While Bully Ray remains a keen observer of wrestling and an advocate for AEW, he encourages the promotion to address the issues and maximize the potential of their women's division, ensuring that top talents like Britt Baker and Taya Valkyrie can consistently deliver outstanding matches that leave a lasting impact on fans.

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