Chelsea Green Backs AEW Britt Baker in WWE Clash


Chelsea Green Backs AEW Britt Baker in WWE Clash
Chelsea Green Backs AEW Britt Baker in WWE Clash

In a rather unexpected turn of events this Sunday evening, AEW star Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. found herself amid a Twitter storm. The controversy wasn't tied to her ambitious pursuit of AEW gold or her acclaimed dental practice. Instead, it emerged from a contentious WWE fan challenging her over her prior critiques of the WWE Performance Center.

The emboldened fan sparked the social media feud by questioning Baker's negative comments about the Center, touting several WWE stars, including Chelsea Green, as evidence of the Performance Center's superiority in shaping wrestling talent.

Though unsolicited, The attack against Baker caught the wrestling community's attention. In response to the assault, Baker offered clarification on her initial remarks. Yet, surprisingly, the most vocal support came from a seemingly unlikely source - Chelsea Green herself, who was put forth as proof of the WWE Performance Center's success.

Green Defends Baker, Challenges WWE

Green leaped into the Twitter melee, taking a firm stance in Baker's defense. She reiterated that she was not honed by the WWE Performance Center, thus objecting to her inclusion in the heated discourse.

Green's point rang true, as she, along with several other wrestlers mentioned, such as Rhea Ripley, Cora Jade, and Roxanne Perez, actually started their careers on the independent wrestling circuit. Therefore, crediting the WWE Performance Center solely for its success was fundamentally misguided.

Green's robust defense of Baker didn't take aback fans familiar with the independent wrestling scene. The duo's camaraderie dates back several years, their roots interwoven with shared experiences on and off the wrestling mat.

They were once part of a tag team named Fire and Nice, which made waves in promotions like SHIMMER and RISE Wrestling in the late 2010s. In a notable moment from their shared past, alongside Tessa Blanchard and Madison Rayne, Green, and Baker participated in an exciting four-way women's match at the groundbreaking All In event in September 2018.

This event solidified their partnership and camaraderie, fortifying the bond manifested in Sunday's unexpected Twitter tussle.

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