Mark Briscoe Speaks About Television Wrestling


Mark Briscoe Speaks About Television Wrestling

Mark Briscoe is a well-known professional wrestler and he recently spoke about his life in AEW and how he learned about wrestling on live television. Mark is regarded as one of the best tag team wrestlers in the world by many outlets.

Over the past 2 decades, Mark wrestled with his tag team partner, Jay Briscoe. Jay passed away earlier this year, tragically. Mark now wrestles as a solo wrestler and has continued carrying the ‘Briscoe’ name in the professional wrestling industry.

He recently singed a contract with AEW. He performs on AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage. He is also appears on Ring of Honor, a promotion that is under Tony Khan.

Mark Briscoe Speaks About His Transition to TV Wrestling

Mark and Jay were very famous indie wrestlers.

Before joining AEW, Mark spent 22 years of his life on the indie circuit. He never performed in front of a live TV audience in his life. Briscoe spoke about how he transitioned to the new environment. "It really is a whole different product, when you're talking about something like what we do with AEW," he said on a recent episode of "AEW Unrestricted".

"The biggest change for me is, I'm not actually wrestling as much. Me and Jay, we were just guns blazing every weekend for 22 years. Now I show up to work and sometimes I've got a match, sometimes I don't. It's definitely a different speed, I'm traveling a lot more, but not wrestling as much.

When I do get to wrestle ... most of the time it means more because of the set-up and the promo work and the preparation that we've done”. "It's cool and it's like a learning experience ... 23 years in now and I'm still learning new stuff." Since professional wrestling is a tough profession, most wrestlers get injured at some point and get sidelined.

Unfortunately, Mark is currently injured. Before getting, Mark was scheduled to fight Claudio Castagnoli for the Ring of Honor World Title. That match would have taken place on theDeath Before Dishonor pay-per-view event, which is one Ring of Honor’s most important PPV events.

Even though AEW has some of the most talented wrestlers in the world, they are still not getting good TV ratings. Botches and missed spots are extremely common on AEW shows. Some fans are beginning to notice this and their ratings are dropping.