Britt Baker Responds to Taya Valkyrie's Critique of AEW Dynamite Match

Baker highlights the intensity of social media scrutiny in wrestling.

by Atia Mukhtar
Britt Baker Responds to Taya Valkyrie's Critique of AEW Dynamite Match

Britt Baker, an illustrious name in the AEW women's division, recently faced backlash alongside her "Dynamite" opponent Taya Valkyrie for their last week's performance. Valkyrie, stung by the harsh criticism, publicly aired her discontent, particularly with those who went overboard with their criticism.

Baker addressed this controversy during her interview with "TV Insider," revealing her advice to Valkyrie following the storm of criticism. She had counseled Valkyrie when she first joined AEW to brace for a barrage of critiques, often amplified by the vociferous passion of WWE aficionados and AEW detractors alike.

Baker Confronts Online Negativity

She stated, "There's a relentless stream of negativity on social media, irrespective of whether I make an appearance on TV in a week. This continuous critique is disheartening, but one needs to maintain perspective.

When I step onto the stage, the crowd goes wild, chanting 'D.M.D.' This ecstatic response makes me realize that I can ignore these trolls whose voices are drowned by the louder chants of my supporters." Addressing the bizarre phenomenon of online trolling, Baker argued that it's an absurd concept.

The gratitude of fans, especially when she attends comic conventions, brings her immense joy. She cherishes those moments, emphasizing that "these are the real fans, who pay to attend the shows and savor the entertainment, as opposed to those who sit behind screens to spew vitriol." Baker further expressed her puzzlement at the sheer dedication of online trolls.

She questioned the bizarre commitment of those who invest substantial time creating troll accounts, with the sole purpose of making others miserable. Baker concluded, "I find it incomprehensible that some people's life goals revolve around pointing out flaws in others.

It's a concept so outlandish that I struggle to understand it. Yet, I accept it as it is, because at the end of the day, we're blessed with the most passionate fans on the planet. Despite the clamor of trolls, the gratitude of AEW enthusiasts is palpable, which is a testament to our success."

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