Cody Rhodes Lauds AEW Achievements Post His WWE Departure


Cody Rhodes Lauds AEW Achievements Post His WWE Departure

In a surprising turn of events last year, Cody Rhodes chose to step away from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), relinquishing his role as an Executive Vice President. Citing personal reasons for his departure, Rhodes reemerged on the wrestling scene a few months later, making a striking appearance at WWE WrestleMania.

Recently, in a candid conversation with Forbes, Rhodes was queried about the memorable moments that have transpired at AEW since his exit.

Rhodes Praises AEW's Rising Stars

Pondering over the query, Rhodes remarked, "My favorite thing they've done since I left...

that is an intriguing question." After giving it a moment's thought, Rhodes went on to provide a somewhat unexpected reply. He expressed admiration for the work of Ricky Starks. "I really appreciate what Ricky's doing. His surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble, caught on grainy security footage no less, was classic Ricky." Rhodes added, "It fills me with pride to see talents like Ricky and MJF thriving in AEW.

Seeing them, and others I trained and collaborated with at the Nightmare Factory, truly establish themselves is genuinely heartwarming." Currently, Starks finds himself embroiled in a contentious rivalry with CM Punk on the AEW platform "AEW Collision." This follows his dubious victory over Punk in the final round of the 2023 Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament, and a subsequent tag match.

A rematch is slated for this Saturday, with wrestling legend Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat serving as the special guest referee. The week promises to be eventful for Rhodes as well. A documentary offering an in-depth look at his wrestling career has recently premiered on Peacock.

Simultaneously, Rhodes is preparing to square off against Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam in Detroit, Michigan, this Saturday. This face-off, marking their third encounter, will break the existing tie between the two titans.

While there's yet to be an official announcement of any special stipulations for the bout, it's anticipated to be a nail-biting climax to their long-standing rivalry.

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