MJF Leads AEW Locker Room in Off-Camera Thanks to Tony Khan After 200th Dynamite


MJF Leads AEW Locker Room in Off-Camera Thanks to Tony Khan After 200th Dynamite
MJF Leads AEW Locker Room in Off-Camera Thanks to Tony Khan After 200th Dynamite

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) marked a significant milestone by celebrating the 200th episode of their flagship show, "Dynamite." Once the live broadcast ended, the celebrations continued with AEW World Champion MJF leading a heartfelt tribute to Tony Khan, the company's president.

MJF, known for his charismatic and controversial persona, referred to Khan as "a visionary" and extended his gratitude towards other influential figures in the company, such as The Elite and Chris Jericho. These individuals, MJF noted, took a chance on AEW when it was still in its formative stages.

"All of them created an alternative," MJF passionately declared. "And that alternative gave opportunities for guys like your AEW World Champion, who's over as f*** ... to be the version of ourselves we want to be. So Tony, what I wanted to say to you is – from the bottom of my heart – is, 'Thank you.'


MJF Thanks Khan, Reflects on WWE

MJF's remarks did not stop at mere gratitude. He also personally thanked Khan for helping him secure financial success in the coming years. Additionally, he referenced a past opportunity to sign with WWE, implying that he would have been pigeonholed into an overly ethnic Jewish gimmick had he joined the rival promotion.

The post-show event was not just about MJF, as he invited other wrestlers and personnel to the stage to express their thanks to Khan. A graphic reading, "Thank you, Tony Khan" appeared, adding to the emotion of the moment.

Khan, visibly touched by the gesture, addressed those gathered and the AEW family, stating, "It means the world to have all of you here. I wanted tonight to be special." Earlier in the night, he had appeared briefly on television to thank viewers for supporting "Dynamite" through its 200 episodes.

As the celebrations continued, fans were also reminded of the upcoming excitement in the AEW landscape. MJF will defend his AEW World Championship against Adam Cole at the All In pay-per-view later this month. The event, scheduled to be held at Wembley Stadium in London, England, is already generating significant buzz with ticket sales nearing 80,000.

Khan informed fans on Wednesday that he hopes the event will be "hopefully the biggest show ever in the world." This announcement further solidified the optimism and momentum surrounding AEW as they marked this historic 200th episode of "Dynamite." The evening served as a testament to the vision, dedication, and community that has defined AEW's success in the world of professional wrestling.

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