Rob Van Dam Speaks About Winning The Hardcore Champion


Rob Van Dam Speaks About Winning The Hardcore Champion

Rob Van Dam is best known for his work in ECW and the WWE. He was one of the most succesful wrestlers in ECW. He was well-known for the his unique move-set. During matches, he would use ladders, tables, and chairs in very unique ways.

He used to take huge risks that other wrestlers would only dream of taking. He was, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind wrestler.

Rob Van Dam Reveals That Winning the Hardcore Title Felt Like an Insult For Him

Even though he took massive risks, he never got injured.

RVD was very good at performing his moves and therefore he could not get injured easily. In the WWE, he managed to win the WWE Hardcore Title. He could never win the WWE Title during any of his runs. On his podcast, he stated that he did considers winning the hardcore title a personal insult.

"I felt like they were making fun of us in ECW because we have this, in my opinion, superior art form, making wrestling cool to people that aren't even wrestling fans," Van Dam said. "Then I would see the Hardcore title match on 'Monday Night Raw' or whatever, and in my opinion, I thought they were making a joke of it.

RIP Crash Holly but it pretty much meant the h*t dog stand was gonna get tipped over ... the Hardcore match was something to laugh at." Throughout his time as the Hardcore Champion, he fought many hardcore matches. Some of WWE’s best wrestlers were active during that time.

RVD was very active as well, even though most of his matches could end with him getting seriously injured. RVD stated that the title was thrust upon him. He did his best to make the title meaningful in the WWE. The WWE eventually retired the title in 2002.

It hasn’t made a return since then. They unified the title with the Intercontinental Title, which is still not considered by many as a very important title. Even though RVD is in his 50s, he appears to still have his old move-set.

Unlike wrestlers of his age, he has kept his body in top condition. He is currently working for All Elite Wrestling. He made his debut quite recently. He is scheduled to face Jack Perry on AEW Dynamite for the FTW Title. The FTW title orginated in ECW. This will be RVD’s return to professional wrestling on live TV.

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