AEW Star Accuses Bryan Danielson of Being 'Scared' to Face Him


AEW Star Accuses Bryan Danielson of Being 'Scared' to Face Him

Bryan Danielson's injury might have put him on the sidelines, but it hasn't stopped the wrestling world from buzzing with potential dream matchups. During the electrifying main event at Forbidden Door 2, it was revealed that Danielson had sustained a broken arm.

Although he admirably finished the match, he has since been recovering from the injury. However, fans eager to see him back in action might have to wait a bit longer, as it appears he might not make it in time for All In at Wembley Stadium.

Rumors had been circulating that old rival Nigel McGuinness might come out of retirement for one last epic showdown if Danielson was available for a match at the iconic venue. In a recent interview on AEW Unrestricted, McGuinness candidly expressed his thoughts on the potential matchup.

"The truth is, the only way I'd ever come out of retirement is for a match against Bryan Danielson at Wembley Stadium. You know what I mean? It had to be something that big to bring me back because I really value my job as an announcer, and there are so many talented guys on the roster who deserve those spots.

But with Dragon [Danielson] at Wembley, I'd be crazy not to be open to that possibility," said McGuinness.

McGuinness Suggests Danielson's Apprehension

However, McGuinness didn't stop there. He went on to speculate that Danielson might be apprehensive about facing him in the ring.

Referring to the x-rays of Danielson's injury, McGuinness playfully pointed out that he still had around 205 perfectly fine bones in his body and wondered if the AEW star truly needed more time off. "Let's be honest, we all saw the x-rays, and one of those bones was perfectly okay.

I don't know how many bones are in the human body, like 206. He's got all of them, apart from one. Does he really need time off? He's sitting at home, taking a paycheck, digging those clams out of the sand when he could be in there wrestling with me.

To be perfectly honest, he's probably a bit scared, I think so," McGuinness teased. As the anticipation builds for Bryan Danielson's return and the potential clash with Nigel McGuinness, wrestling fans can't help but dream about the electrifying spectacle such a matchup could create at Wembley Stadium.

Only time will tell if Danielson accepts the challenge and sets the stage for an unforgettable showdown in the world of professional wrestling.

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