Rumble over Wrestling Rights


Rumble over Wrestling Rights
Rumble over Wrestling Rights

A lawsuit has been filed by Anthony Duane Wilson against two of the biggest names in the professional wrestling industry, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and AEW (All Elite Wrestling). The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Youngstown, and Wilson is accusing both companies of multiple charges, including plagiarism and financial damages.

According to the hand-written filing by Wilson, he alleges that both WWE and AEW have infringed on his creative works by using his wrestling gimmicks, names, slogans, and likeness without permission. The lack of specifics in his claim leaves many details unclear, but his accusations are serious and encompass a wide range of potential infringements.

Wrestling's Intellectual Battle Royale

In addition to the infringement charges, Wilson alleges that his plans to launch his own pro wrestling company were stolen from his social media pages. He claims to have been in talks with members of the Bullet Club, a professional wrestling group, to join him in his venture, but alleges that his plans were taken and used without credit or financial compensation.

Wilson's claims don't stop at mere infringement or theft of ideas; he is actively seeking control of AEW. His filing states that the situation has caused him extensive damages in various forms, including market and product damages, personal and financial damages.

He goes on to claim that WWE and AEW are still using works that he claims to have created, affecting his career both inside and outside professional wrestling. The filing is loaded with emotion, and Wilson clearly sees this as an attack on his livelihood as a writer and professional wrestler.

He is not only seeking removal of what he claims are stolen works but also demands a public apology, a financial settlement for damages, WWE stock for freelance work, and business tactics of his. He's also seeking a staggering $250,000,000 in damages.

While the allegations are serious, the lack of specific details may hinder Wilson's case. The hand-written nature of the filing and the absence of concrete evidence might raise questions about its legitimacy. However, if his claims are found to be valid, this could result in a significant legal battle that might have far-reaching consequences for both WWE and AEW.

As of now, both companies have yet to publicly respond to Wilson's allegations. Legal experts will be watching this case closely, as it may set a precedent in the wrestling industry regarding intellectual property rights and creative control.

For wrestling fans and industry insiders alike, this lawsuit adds a real-world drama that may have implications far beyond the ring.