FTR AEW All In Lay Down Challenge Dream


FTR AEW All In Lay Down Challenge Dream
FTR AEW All In Lay Down Challenge Dream

Wembley Stadium, one of the world's most iconic venues, is about to witness a dream wrestling match. The stage is set for AEW All In, where a simmering, long-standing feud between FTR and The Young Bucks will reach its crescendo.

The tumultuous history between FTR and The Young Bucks predates All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Their animosity runs deep, with both teams having scores to settle from years gone by. Even before the inception of AEW, wrestling aficionados had been aware of the cold war between these two behemoths of tag team wrestling.

And as time passed, their discord has only intensified, leaving fans at the edge of their seats.

Legends Clash at Wembley Showdown

Both FTR and The Young Bucks have built legendary reputations in the modern era of wrestling.

These teams, adorned with accolades and bathed in critical acclaim, are now set to renew their rivalry. Wembley Stadium's grand stage for All In promises an encounter that could be the most talked-about match of the year. So far, in their direct confrontations within AEW, they're evenly matched.

Each team holds a victory over the other. The wrestling world still vividly remembers their first clash at Full Gear 2020. It was there that The Young Bucks brought an end to FTR’s maiden reign as AEW Tag Team Champions.

However, revenge was exacted by FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler in April 2022. They bested the Jackson brothers on Dynamite, not just claiming a win but also defending the AAA and ROH Tag Team Championship titles. Recently, during the AEW show 'Collision', the reigning AEW Tag Team Champions, FTR, threw down the gauntlet.

Cash Wheeler, in a daring move, challenged The Young Bucks to a blockbuster showdown for All In. Furthermore, adding another layer of intrigue to this saga is FTR's association with the enigmatic CM Punk. Wrestling circles are buzzing with speculation.

Will The Young Bucks and their cohorts from The Elite cross paths with CM Punk, the self-proclaimed "Real World Champion"? Only time will tell. In sum, AEW All In at Wembley is not just another wrestling event. It’s a chapter in the epic tale of two legendary tag teams. All eyes are on Wembley. The countdown has begun.