Matt Hardy Sheds Light on AEW's Evolving Creative Process

AEW's Evolution: Matt Hardy's Insightful Revelations

by Noman Rasool
Matt Hardy Sheds Light on AEW's Evolving Creative Process

In the latest riveting episode of the "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, AEW superstar Matt Hardy delves deep into the evolution of the creative process within All Elite Wrestling (AEW) since he first made his dynamic debut in 2020.

Matt Hardy reminisced about the early days, painting a vivid picture of how things used to be, "When AEW was in its formative stage, everything essentially routed through Tony [Khan]. Especially during those pandemic times in Jacksonville, the system was more centralized, with everyone huddling in the same area week after week." The intimacy of those days provided a strong foundation for AEW's ever-growing success.

However, with growth comes change, and AEW has seamlessly adapted its operations to cater to its expanding roster and increasing storylines. "AEW's creative structure has matured over time. While Tony still remains a pivotal figure, there's now an added layer of professionals beneath him," Hardy remarked.

These are not just any professionals – they act as a bridge between the talent and the top management. These story curators or angle trackers ensure a more organized approach to building narratives and developing characters.

AEW's Unwavering Creative Commitment

One standout name in this evolving process is QT Marshall. According to Hardy, "QT has been instrumental in shaping stories for many, including myself, Ethan Page, Isiah Kassidy, and even my brother Jeff Hardy.

He's essentially our primary touchpoint, though at times we also collaborate with Sonjay Dutt." The most reassuring aspect for any artist is the realization of a vision, and Hardy is no exception. Sharing his satisfaction, he revealed, "From day one, our story arc has been as per our initial vision.

It's been a smooth journey, sticking to our plan without any deviation." The results? Ethan has been making waves, garnering positive reactions and winning hearts as a babyface. In sum, while AEW's backstage dynamics have evolved, its commitment to authentic storytelling and wrestler autonomy remains unshaken.

For Hardy and many like him, it’s a testament to AEW’s consistency in providing an empowering platform for its talent.

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