Rob Van Dam Praises Tony Khan for Securing 'Walk' Rights for AEW; Bonds with Khang


Rob Van Dam Praises Tony Khan for Securing 'Walk' Rights for AEW; Bonds with Khang

Professional wrestling's landscape is ever-evolving, and Rob Van Dam's recent remarks about Tony Khan and AEW underline this transformative journey. The details around Khan obtaining the rights to Van Dam's nostalgic ECW theme song, 'Walk,' and their initial face-to-face meeting have left fans and insiders buzzing.

Van Dam's enthusiasm was palpable when discussing the theme song. "Learning that Tony had secured the rights to 'Walk' was phenomenal. It immediately transported me to a unique headspace," he explained. "There's an undeniable energy associated with that song, and I could instantly visualize the passionate response from our fans.

Just letting it play for those first few moments will be electrifying." While the return of the iconic theme was a big talking point, the bond formed between Van Dam and Khan was equally compelling. Their rapport is rooted in mutual respect and shared love for the sport, with Khan being more than just a promoter - he's a genuine fan of wrestling.

RVD's Memorable Meet with Khan

Recalling their first in-person encounter, Van Dam shared, "Our initial conversations had been over the phone. But when I finally met him, his demeanor was respectful and genuine. He wasn't just another promoter.

He took me down memory lane, reminding me of something he had mentioned during our phone chats." Khan vividly recounted being present at the unforgettable stretcher match between RVD and Sabu in Philadelphia. "He reminisced about how that night profoundly impacted him as a fan.

In his eyes, it was a pivotal moment that propelled my career to new heights," Van Dam noted. For RVD, that match holds a special place in his heart, not just as a professional milestone but as an emblem of his dynamic synergy with Sabu.

"Back then, each successive match was like an endeavor to outdo the previous one, especially when I was paired with Sabu. Knowing that Tony was present that night, experiencing it as a die-hard fan, makes our connection even more special," he added.

In the rapidly changing world of professional wrestling, genuine interactions and respect for history stand out. Rob Van Dam and Tony Khan's shared moments and memories testify to the deep-rooted passion that continues to shape the industry.

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