Jeff Jarrett: AEW All In Could Attract New Fans


Jeff Jarrett: AEW All In Could Attract New Fans
Jeff Jarrett: AEW All In Could Attract New Fans

As AEW's All In pay-per-view inches closer, seasoned wrestling veteran Jeff Jarrett expresses his enthusiasm about the event's potential to attract not just dedicated AEW aficionados but also a new wave of fans to the promotion.

During a candid conversation with "DAZN", Jarrett poured out his insights about the forthcoming historic show. He vividly painted a picture of Wembley Stadium brimming with both regular and casual fans. Among them, he envisages many who might not have yet been initiated into the AEW experience, now eager to jump aboard and witness history unfold.

Jarrett Foresees Casual Fan Surge

"The core AEW audience is undeniably vast and fervent," began Jarrett. "But for this particular event, I foresee a remarkable influx of what we label as 'casual fans' Many might be setting foot in Wembley for the very first time, with the sole intent of experiencing AEW live.

There's a palpable energy surrounding All In. Such is the magnitude of this event that I won't be surprised if there are attendees who've never even caught AEW on television. They're here because they want to be part of this monumental moment." In the brief span of four years since its inception, AEW has garnered an immensely loyal and vocal following.

Their ardent devotion to the brand can be quantified by the astounding number of tickets that flew off the shelves for All In. A whopping 74,000 tickets were grabbed by eager fans, all set to witness the action at Wembley Stadium.

This event is significant for AEW for two major reasons: It marks their first pay-per-view showcase in the UK, and it resurrects the legacy of pro-wrestling at Wembley, a spectacle not witnessed since SummerSlam in 1992. So far, the roster for the August 27 pay-per-view teases fans with a single, yet explosive match announcement — the AEW World Championship clash between MJF and Adam Cole. The anticipation is palpable, and the wrestling world waits with bated breath.

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