DDP on AEW’s Timing and Dusty Rhodes

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DDP on AEW’s Timing and Dusty Rhodes

Diamond Dallas Page was one of the most popular WCW wrestlers of the world at one time. Before joining professional wrestling, he was a nightclub manager. Dusty Rhodes was the one who saw something in DDP and made him a pro-wrestler.

On the WINCLY podcast, DDP spoke about Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes. He first spoke about how Dusty and Cody are similar: You can't compare a young man who is just starting out in this spot. He's been around and sat at the foot of the master and has a lot of knowledge.

But when you think about Dusty, you think about Dusty in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. He is one of the greatest minds in the world for what he did. You can't compare a young guy who is just starting out," Page said before adding that it would be like comparing a football player just out of college to Jim Brown or Tom Brady”.

He also spoke about All Elite Wrestling and believes it is the right time for the AEW. "I think the business is in a spot right now where maybe they wouldn't have got it a couple of years back, but I think they're ready for it now," stated Page.

"His outlook on the business is unique and it's not what the WWE is doing”. "The WWE has its own niche. Wrestling is cyclical – it comes up and goes down all the time. The WWE may not be at the highest ratings right now, but their matches look amazing."