Matt Hardy Eyes AEW Team-Up with Eddie Kingston


Matt Hardy Eyes AEW Team-Up with Eddie Kingston

In the pro-wrestling world, the Hardy brothers, Matt and Jeff, have primarily been celebrated for their feats as a tag team duo. With a remarkable legacy spanning nearly three decades, the pair can proudly lay claim to twelve Tag Team Championship reigns.

Yet, the landscape of wrestling is ever-evolving, and with the introduction of the Trios Titles in AEW, Matt Hardy finds himself pondering the endless possibilities of forming a new trio. Recently, in an episode of "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the elder Hardy was presented with the intriguing question of who might complete the Hardy triad in AEW.

Beyond the anticipated choices like their allies in Private Party and the talented Ethan Page, Matt surprised fans by naming a wrestler who has long drawn inspiration from Jeff Hardy and has also been making notable waves in AEW.

“Right off the bat, the first name that comes to mind is Wardlow,” Matt shared with palpable enthusiasm. “Teaming up with Wardlow would certainly be an exciting endeavor for the Hardy brothers”.

Kingston's Pitch to Hardys

However, it was the mention of another AEW star that truly captured listeners' attention.

“Eddie Kingston is someone who’s shown keen interest in joining forces with us,” Hardy revealed. “Before jetting off to Japan, he approached us with a heartfelt proposal: 'Once I return from the G1, would there be a place for me alongside the two of you? I've closely followed the path you've carved in AEW.

Your innovative ideas and creative prowess never cease to amaze me. Would there be room for me in the Hardy Party?' Eddie's passion resonates with me deeply”. While nothing is set in stone, the potential alliance of the Hardy brothers with either Wardlow or Eddie Kingston promises to be a thrilling development for AEW fans. The ever-evolving wrestling universe awaits this potential dynamic trio with bated breath.

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