Ricky Starks: Beyond the Ring


Ricky Starks: Beyond the Ring

AEW superstar Ricky Starks recently sat down with Alicia Atout for an in-depth conversation where he shared his ambitions outside the wrestling ring, particularly in acting. Recognized for his electrifying performances in the wrestling ring, Starks sees a transition to the silver screen as the next step in his already illustrious career.

Ricky expressed, “One thing about me is I’m always up to any challenge. Whether it's comedy, action, or drama, I believe I can excel in each genre." His innate curiosity and eagerness to explore new arenas were evident.

"Even if a role doesn't initially seem to be my fit, I'd still pursue it out of sheer passion,” Starks added. He understands the stereotypical wrestler-to-actor route might not be for everyone but emphasized, "For me, I genuinely feel it is.

I have always felt a connection to acting." Support from loved ones has been a significant driving force for Starks. One of his closest friends often nudges him towards film, to which Ricky responds, “It’s going to happen soon”.

He further stressed the importance of having a backing in one's endeavors, "To hear someone firmly stand behind you, especially when you already believe in your vision, is immensely motivating. A robust support system can propel you to greater heights."

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However, Starks also showcased his realistic approach towards this new dream.

He's aware that stepping into the world of acting isn't about an overnight switch but rather a gradual process. "Transitioning from wrestling to acting requires strategy. It's about ensuring all the pieces fit. But once you achieve a minor part, it's a stepping stone to a more prominent role,” he said.

In wrestling news, while Starks couldn't secure a win against CM Punk for the coveted "Real" AEW World Championship during the latest Collision episode, he did make a memorable statement. Starks ensured his presence felt by attacking both Punk and special guest referee, Ricky Streamboat, post-match.

A twist that has added another layer to the ever-evolving narrative of AEW. As Ricky Starks continues his journey, both in and out of the wrestling ring, it's evident that he's a man on a mission. With acting on his horizon and the world of wrestling at his feet, the future looks promising for the Absolute One.

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