Rob Van Dam Set to Debunk Naysayers in AEW Debut Match

RVD confronts naysayers on recent podcast episode.

by Atia Mukhtar
Rob Van Dam Set to Debunk Naysayers in AEW Debut Match

It seems the years have done little to wane the confidence of Rob Van Dam (RVD), as he gears up for his debut match in AEW, echoing the same fervor he radiated during his prime wrestling days. On a recent Wednesday episode of AEW Dynamite, fans were in for a surprise as Rob Van Dam made his debut appearance for All Elite Wrestling.

The backdrop was set by the new FTW Champion, Jack Perry, who decided to deride ECW—a move that didn't sit well considering the FTW Title's roots with Taz in ECW over a quarter-century ago. This prompted a response from AEW’s very own and ECW legend, Jerry Lynn.

While AEW had previously teased fans with a prospective faceoff between Perry and Lynn, Lynn clarified that he was now retired, with surgical plates and screws embedded in his neck. But he had a backup plan, calling upon an old friend to step in and handle Perry.

Enter RVD, walking out to the timeless ECW anthem, “Walk” by Pantera. Although RVD made his intentions clear, Perry swiftly exited before a confrontation could ensue. By the end of the episode, RVD threw down the gauntlet, challenging Perry to a showdown in the upcoming week's Dynamite, which AEW promptly made official.

RVD Addresses Comeback Skeptics

In a fresh episode of RVD's 1 Of A Kind podcast, he shared his thoughts about the skepticism surrounding his return. “Look, there are going to be many who doubt, but they're in for a reality check come next week," he said confidently.

RVD addressed comments on his age, saying, “Some claim I'm too old and have taken too many hits. But 'old' isn't a term I resonate with. I understand that at 52, younger fans might label me as 'old', but honestly, I've never felt better”.

It’s important to note that at 52, RVD is the same age as AEW’s first World Champion, Chris Jericho. Jericho's resilience in the ring parallels RVD's own storied career, which is a testament to the mettle these legends bring, regardless of age.

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