Ricky Starks Comments on AEW Women's Division

AEW's Ricky Starks delves into wrestling's gendered critiques.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ricky Starks Comments on AEW Women's Division

In the pulsating world of AEW, hardly 24 hours pass without the women's division becoming the epicenter of debate. Be it a blatant message displayed on a fan's sign or a critique by a seasoned indie wrestling maestro, the topics concerning the division tend to galvanize the entire locker room.

The past week witnessed both these scenarios, positioning the subject front and center when Ricky Starks settled in for a candid conversation with sports streaming giant, "DAZN."

Starks Addresses AEW Gender Bias

Starks, known for his unvarnished takes, voiced his concerns about the seemingly imbalanced perceptions of the women's division.

He argued that AEW's female talent often confronts unjustified criticism, suggesting an underlying double standard when juxtaposing the scrutiny female wrestlers endure with their male counterparts. "Truthfully, our women face a tougher jury than they deserve," commented Starks.

"They commit with passion to every opportunity they're handed, displaying relentless dedication. Yet, a baffling trend emerges among fans. While they clamor for women's wrestling, the sporadic onslaught of negativity sometimes overshadows the core agenda: championing and supporting these relentless female wrestlers who give it their all." Starks continued with a palpable sense of perplexity about the role of social media in magnifying this issue.

"The landscape of online discourse is surreal. To witness out-of-shape, adult men nitpicking female performances seems almost comical. And the criticism becomes even murkier when you delve deeper. Factors like age, ethnicity, and gender sometimes amplify the flak some women receive, and it's heartbreaking that it often feels baseless." He concluded, "This layered discrimination, this baseless antagonism, unfortunately, taints the ethos of professional wrestling, and I truly wish it didn’t." Having brought these perspectives to light, Starks' reflections remind of the challenges female wrestlers face, pushing for equity both in and out of the ring.

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