Rob Van Dam's AEW Strategy Ahead of Dynamite Debut

AEW's latest move sparks whispers and wide-eyed speculation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Rob Van Dam's AEW Strategy Ahead of Dynamite Debut

The legendary Bruce Lee often expressed, "Be like water making its way through cracks," emphasizing the importance of adaptability and patience over sheer strength and aggression. It seems Rob Van Dam (RVD) is channelling that very ethos as he gears up for his bout against FTW Champion Jack Perry and potentially charting his journey with AEW.

During a recent episode of "One of A Kind," Van Dam cryptically remarked, "We'll see how it goes." Fans across the world witnessed the surprising emergence of the celebrated former WWE Champion on the previous week's "AEW Dynamite." RVD's debut was masterminded by none other than former ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn.

Lynn's discontent with Jack Perry's recent attitude shifts, especially since he abandoned his Italo Pop theme and dethroned Hook to seize the FTW title at "AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts," pushed Lynn to bring in Van Dam.

Lynn's strategy? Use RVD's vast experience to provide Perry with a reality check.

RVD's Mysterious AEW Entrance

The intrigue surrounding RVD's debut was palpable. Instead of a grand entrance, AEW chose a more mysterious route.

The wrestling icon was discreetly escorted to a secluded locker room, ensconced in a wheelchair and shielded from view by a pitch-black curtain. Such secrecy naturally fueled speculations. But, as of now, there seem to be no explicit long-term plans for RVD within AEW, reminiscent of the earlier stint of ECW Original, Sabu.

The ties that bind Jerry Lynn and RVD run deep. Not only did Lynn orchestrate RVD's entry into AEW, but their history dates back to their classic battles in ECW. Upon reflecting on their past encounters, Van Dam confessed a deep respect for Lynn.

RVD was genuinely disheartened when Lynn decided to retire in 2013. He even tried persuading the former WWF Light Heavyweight Champion to reconsider, reminiscing fondly about their iconic matches. As RVD's AEW journey unfolds, fans and fellow wrestlers alike will watch with bated breath. Will he truly "be like water," adapting and flowing seamlessly into this new chapter? Only time will tell.

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