Anna Jay Eyes AEW Women’s Title; Credits Malenko as Mentor

Anna Jay shares insights on her AEW journey.

by Noman Rasool
Anna Jay Eyes AEW Women’s Title; Credits Malenko as Mentor

Emerging star Anna Jay has been candid about her All Elite Wrestling (AEW) aspirations. While she acknowledges the importance of holding the prestigious AEW Women's World Championship, Jay admits it's a gradual journey. "Certainly, the Championship is the pinnacle for any wrestler.

It signifies the culmination of hard work and dedication to the craft," she reflected. "Yet, in my perspective, it's more than just the title. It's about growing, learning, and improving as a wrestler."

Anna Jay's Unique AEW Path

Jay's journey in AEW is indeed unique.

Although she might not be a rookie in terms of her tenure, when it comes to actual matches under her belt, she's had fewer than many of her counterparts. "I'm still in my early phases, trying out new maneuvers, seeking feedback, and soaking in all the experiences," she added.

The rising star emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and obtaining advice from seasoned professionals backstage. However, she isn't rushing things. "Wrestling, for me, is a day-by-day evolution," she shared. "There's a beauty in taking it slow, in cherishing each match, each lesson.

My current goal isn't just about the gold; it's about refining my skills, improving each day, and ensuring that I'm fully prepared when I do aim for the title." On the topic of growth and guidance, Jay had high praise for some of the industry's veterans.

She highlighted Dean Malenko's recent involvement in her journey. "Dean has been an incredible guide. The wealth of knowledge he brings, and his genuine nature makes the learning process so much more enriching," she gushed. Chris Jericho, AEW's stalwart, has also played a pivotal role in Jay's progression, particularly in honing her promo skills.

"With Chris, it's more than just wrestling techniques. He has helped me navigate the nuances of the business, especially in mastering the art of the microphone," Anna admitted. Others deserving special mentions are Jerry Lynn and Madison Rayne.

While Lynn has been a constant pillar of support, Rayne, with her consistent guidance, especially to the female talents, has been indispensable. In the vast world of AEW, Anna Jay is on a determined journey. With her passion and the guidance of wrestling's best, it won't be surprising to see her standing tall in the Women's World Championship someday.

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