Chris Jericho Reminisces AEW's Pizza Cutter Controversy


Chris Jericho Reminisces AEW's Pizza Cutter Controversy
Chris Jericho Reminisces AEW's Pizza Cutter Controversy

In the world of professional wrestling, unexpected moments often become iconic, and Chris Jericho's recent recollection of the notorious pizza cutter incident with Nick Gage on AEW Dynamite proves just that. Years ago, AEW faced scrutiny when Chris Jericho, one of wrestling's most celebrated figures, squared off with Nick Gage, an indie wrestling icon known for his harrowing and intense deathmatch style.

Gage's persona is renowned for its unpredictable nature, using whatever objects he can find to inflict pain on his adversaries. During the July 28, 2021 episode of AEW Dynamite, Gage stayed true to his character, as he shockingly used a pizza cutter to draw blood from Jericho's forehead.

As if the act wasn't jarring enough, a twist of television fate ensured it would become unforgettable. Just as Dynamite transitioned to a split-screen commercial break, a Domino’s pizza commercial serendipitously began playing, showing a young person slicing a pizza with, of all things, a pizza cutter.

Jericho Marvels at TV Coincidence

On his renowned "Talk is Jericho" podcast, Jericho expressed his astonishment at this unforeseen alignment of events. "The timing was almost surreal. Here's Gage, using a pizza cutter on me, and at that exact moment, there's a Domino’s ad showing a pizza being cut in almost the same manner.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime TV coincidence," Jericho remarked. He further quipped, "If I were at the helm of Domino’s marketing, I'd immediately rope in Nick Gage and myself for a commercial. It's a golden opportunity to capitalize on this unexpected synergy!" However, not everyone found humor or potential in the incident.

The violent visual led Domino’s to withdraw their advertisements from AEW, expressing discomfort with the explicit nature of the segment. The episode served as a stark reminder of the unpredictable world of live broadcasting and the unexpected ways in which narratives can intertwine, for better or for worse.

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