Konnan Pitches New Heel Tag Team for AEW Collision


Konnan Pitches New Heel Tag Team for AEW Collision

Over the past few episodes of AEW, viewers have witnessed the budding camaraderie between Adam Cole and MJF. But as with all things in the wrestling world, allegiances can be fleeting. The iconic wrestler and influencer, Konnan, shared his insights on the "Keepin' It 100" podcast, emphasizing the transient nature of alliances in the wrestling universe.

Currently dominating the AEW scene are three powerhouses: Adam Cole, the veteran CM Punk, and the reigning AEW World Champion, MJF. Konnan, a former WCW United States Champion, anticipates a twist in the ongoing narrative.

He feels that MJF's alliance with Cole is setting the stage for a dramatic betrayal, especially given their upcoming face-off at All In. But there's another AEW superstar in the mix - CM Punk. Konnan candidly addressed Punk's current image.

"Listen to the people, you're not that likable," he asserted. To Konnan, Punk exudes more charisma as a heel, a role he feels Punk naturally embodies. The veteran commentator further opined on Punk's audacious behavior post AEW All Out, a move that polarized fans' perceptions, attracting both admiration and disdain.

Punk and MJF: Heel Team-Up?

"People are basically telling [Punk] 'Turn,'" said Konnan, clearly enthused by the direction of the audience's sentiments. This led him to propose a tantalizing twist. "Could you imagine," he mused, "if they put MJF and Punk as a heel tag team?" The wrestling universe is on tenterhooks.

While MJF and Adam Cole seem inseparable now, they're slated to face the ROH World Tag Team Champions, Aussie Open, during the Zero Hour preshow at All In. And in a thrilling twist, they will battle each other for MJF’s championship shortly after.

Amidst this, Punk has boldly declared himself the “real” World Champion, stressing he's yet to be defeated for the AEW World Title. As tensions simmer and rivalries intensify, the wrestling world is left wondering: will MJF and Punk indeed unite in an unforeseen alliance, or are they on a collision course? Only time will unveil the next chapter of this captivating saga.

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