Jim Ross Health Update & AEW Return Discussion

Amidst his triumphant return, Ross confronts lingering health concerns.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jim Ross Health Update & AEW Return Discussion

Jim Ross, the iconic wrestling commentator, made a triumphant return to the ringside at last Saturday night's episode, marking his comeback from a health hiatus. During a recent edition of "Grilling JR," he expressed elation over rejoining the booth and how seamlessly he meshed with co-commentators Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuinness.

"There's always that lurking doubt, especially after a hiatus, on whether I'd be able to keep up," Ross shared, "particularly with new colleagues like Ian and Nigel. Yet, the camaraderie was immediate. Their dedication, openness to feedback, and, above all, their attentive listening, which is paramount in this profession, allowed for a smooth narrative flow.

And having to call the outstanding bout between CM Punk and Ricky Starks, with the legendary Steamboat involved, was just the cherry on top."

Ross's Health: Recovery Challenges Ahead

However, concerning Ross's health, the path to full recovery still has a few hurdles.

He candidly mentioned ongoing medical assessments post his fall. "This past Monday marked my inaugural visit to an infectious disease specialist," said Ross, "I've been slated for an MRI next week, focusing on my tibia – essentially, the ankle region.

The anticipation is that the bone remains unaffected." An additional insight came from Ross when he touched upon the distinct ambiance of AEW's "Collision." Even though he's only been present twice since his hiatus, the vibe of "Collision" on Saturdays seems different, in his view, from "AEW Dynamite" that airs on Wednesdays.

"There's a palpable difference in the energy between 'Collision' and 'Dynamite'," Ross pointed out. "With fewer personnel, both in the crew and talent on Saturdays, everything feels more relaxed. This setting allows talents extended prep time for their performances, offering a distinct atmosphere." Attributing the well-crafted roster to CM Punk and Tony Khan, Ross expressed his admiration for the team.

"The talent pool is exceptional; their enthusiasm is evident. What stands out is their sense of ownership of 'Collision' and the potential impact they can have on the show. This sense of ownership, and the ensuing motivation it brings, is commendable," Ross concluded, "It's invigorating to be back amid such dynamism."

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