Matt Hardy seeks significant gimmick match against The Young Bucks in AEW

AEW's ring witnesses iconic duos renewing their age-old rivalry

by Noman Rasool
Matt Hardy seeks significant gimmick match against The Young Bucks in AEW

In the thrilling world of professional wrestling, few tag teams have demonstrated the consistent capability to ignite the ring quite like The Hardy Boyz and The Young Bucks. These iconic duos have faced off multiple times, with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) being the stage for some of their most memorable bouts.

When tracing back their recent encounters, The Hardy Boyz, consisting of Matt and Jeff Hardy, clinched a triumphant victory during AEW's 2022 Double or Nothing event. However, Matt and Nick Jackson, collectively known as The Young Bucks, had their redemption by securing a win on the August 9th Dynamite episode.

In the latest installment of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt shed light on the undeniable in-ring chemistry between the two teams, hinting that this rivalry is far from over. He expressed, "Every time we engage with the Bucks, there’s a palpable synergy.

It's as if we’re conjuring magic in the squared circle. While I previously mentioned having just one more match against the Bucks, now, I believe there are countless bouts yet to be explored. The storyline between the Hardys and the Bucks remains ripe with potential."

A Much-Anticipated Ladder Match Looms in the Horizon

Throughout their illustrious career in WWE, The Hardy Boyz carved a niche for themselves with their audacious ladder match performances, leaving fans at the edge of their seats.

It's no surprise then, that during the live chat on Matt’s show, the suggestion of a ladder match between the Hardys and the Bucks was floated by an eager fan. Without hesitation, Matt responded, “The prospect of a Hardys vs.

Young Bucks ladder match isn't just exciting, it's almost inevitable. I would be all in for that." For ardent fans, this brings back memories of 2017's ROH Supercard of Honor. It was then that the teams clashed in a breathtaking ladder match, merely a night before The Hardy Boyz made their unexpected and iconic return to WWE at WrestleMania 33.

With such rich history and palpable tension, a ladder match between these two tag-team titans in AEW would undoubtedly be a wrestling spectacle for the ages. Only time will tell when this epic showdown might materialize.

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