Cash Wheeler: AEW Stable Yet to Reach Full Potential


Cash Wheeler: AEW Stable Yet to Reach Full Potential

As AEW's "AEW Collision" draws near, FTR's Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are gearing up for a high-stakes face-off for the AEW Trios Championship against the reigning champions, House of Black. This formidable stable, comprising Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews, and their ally Julia Hart, have already proven their prowess by besting The Elite for the championship title at Revolution back in March.

Since that impressive feat, the triumvirate of Black, King, and Matthews has defended their title seven times, a testament to their unmatched synergy. While speaking on "DAZN Wrestling", Wheeler and Harwood didn't hold back their admiration for the House of Black's championship journey.

Though they stand on opposite sides of the ring, the mutual respect is palpable. "Their potential is astronomical," Wheeler remarked, "These guys haven’t even reached their zenith. Individually, each one of them could easily dominate the singles matches.

But the magic truly unfolds when the three of them join forces, and with Julia Hart by their side, they're a force to be reckoned with."

Wheeler Praises House of Black

Highlighting Malakai's credentials, Wheeler asserted, "Malakai has all the makings of a world champion.

As for Buddy and Brody, we're always on our toes; they could challenge us whenever they fancy." Emphasizing the unique charisma and appeal that the House of Black carries, Wheeler went on to say, "Together, they have this captivating aura that can make them one of the most watched entities in the wrestling world." AEW's recent addition of more weekly shows offers a golden opportunity for teams like House of Black.

The expanded screen time provides a perfect backdrop for their talents to shimmer even brighter. "With 'Collision' and the new Saturday slot, it’s like giving them a broader canvas to paint their legacy," Wheeler elaborated.

Harwood chimed in, sharing Wheeler's sentiments and adding, "These trios champions are a trifecta of unmatched talent, and AEW is fortunate to have such jewels." But respect aside, FTR is determined. With their partner CM Punk, they are united under the banner of CMFTR, and they have one goal in mind – toppling the House of Black in the upcoming showdown.