Bryan Danielson Eyed for Major AEW All In Bout Pre-Injury


Bryan Danielson Eyed for Major AEW All In Bout Pre-Injury
Bryan Danielson Eyed for Major AEW All In Bout Pre-Injury

In a regrettable turn of events, Bryan Danielson, better known to many as "The American Dragon," sustained a fractured forearm during a high-profile clash against Kazuchika Okada at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2023. Initially, the prognosis was a recovery period of 6-8 weeks, but subsequent evaluations have dimmed those optimistic timelines.

The latest revelation indicates that Danielson is slated to remain on the sidelines indefinitely, putting a dent in AEW's plans for the upcoming All In event. This setback has not only disappointed Danielson's countless fans but also reshuffled AEW's deck of potential match-ups.

Fightful Select shed some light on the matter, revealing that one of the headliner contests under consideration was a face-off between Danielson and Kenny Omega. While the discussions hadn't progressed to concrete plans at that stage, it was evident that AEW's creative team was mulling over a marquee match.

Moreover, corroborative inputs from inside AEW indicate that while Danielson vs. Omega was a dominant thought, other prospective face-offs for Omega were also in the brainstorming phase.

Danielson vs. Omega: AEW's Epic Rivalry

For ardent followers of the AEW narrative, the idea of Danielson clashing with Omega isn't far-fetched.

Their factions, The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club, are entrenched in a gritty feud, a backdrop that would've made their potential face-off quite tantalizing. Not to forget, their past bouts are etched in wrestling folklore, especially the legendary duel that concluded in a time-limit draw soon after Danielson's AEW debut.

Outside the ring, the rumor mills are buzzing with conjecture. There's growing anticipation around a Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay bout at the London spectacle. But, recent chatter hints at the possibility of Ospreay squaring off against the iconic Chris Jericho.

As the wrestling community awaits with bated breath, Omega's cryptic remarks on the recent "AEW Dynamite" episode only add to the suspense. While he remained tight-lipped, only hinting at things to ponder, all eyes are now on Wembley Stadium's All In on August 27 for more clarity on the unfolding drama.

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