Matt Hardy Recalls The Match That Made The Hardy Boyz Famous


Matt Hardy Recalls The Match That Made The Hardy Boyz Famous
Matt Hardy Recalls The Match That Made The Hardy Boyz Famous

The Hardy Boyz is regarded by many as the one of the best tag teams of all time. They are also known as Team Extreme. They used to regularly take risks that other wrestlers would never dream of taking. They made the Table, Ladders, and Chairs matches very popular during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era.

Matt Hardy Talks About the Match That Helped Him Become a Superstar

The Hardy Boyz also had a very unique moveset that could be combined with the use of tables, and ladders. Jeff Hardy was known for his flamboyance, whereas, Matt Hardy was known for his technical wrestling ability.

While in the WWE, The Hardy Boyz won the Tag Team Title numerous times. Matt Hardy recently spoke about the success of the Hardy Boyz. He could recall the match that made the tag team extremely famous. He stated that the match against the team of Edge and Christian that took place in 1999 was the one that made them famous.

The match took place at No Mercy on the 17th of October, 1999. According to Matt, they because superstars that night. Before that, Matt believes they were just wrestlers working for the WWE. "We were cognizant of the fact that we had the ability to create something that was going to truly be magical and that could change the game," Hardy said.

"But none of us knew at that moment that it was going to have the impact that it ended up having. We had no idea it was going to trigger the whole TLC era and just really elevate tables, ladders, and chairs matches into a permanent staple of pro wrestling.

We had no idea that this was going to be the beginning of that." "After they did the deal where Christian pinned Jeff in the corner with a ladder, and then he ran, jumped off the ladder, and dropkicked Jeff in the corner, and there was a huge applause.

And then from that point on, the applause just kept growing, little by little, and it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger at every spot we did and everything we pulled off" Hardy continued. "And we could see and feel more importantly than see.

We could feel inside, within ourselves, that the crowd knew they were witnessing something special. And not only were they appreciative of it, but they were grateful. And it was almost like we were creating this work of art, and they were acknowledging it every step of the way."

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