Rob Van Dam Comments on AEW Dynamite Debut


Rob Van Dam Comments on AEW Dynamite Debut

In a thrilling event on AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday, the world watched as Jack Perry defended his FTW Championship against the iconic Rob Van Dam (RVD) from WWE Hall of Fame. Marking his official in-ring debut with AEW, this was a spectacle that followed RVD's unexpected appearance just a week prior.

The bout showcased the prowess of RVD, reminding fans of the signature moves that made the 52-year-old high-flier a legend over the past three decades. The match culminated when Perry, utilizing the FTW Rules Match’s unique stipulations, executed a low blow followed by thrusting RVD's head into a chair.

Capitalizing on the moment, Perry secured the victory through a roll-up, aided by a tights grab.

RVD Reflects on Fan Connection

After the bout, in a backstage interview with AEW, Rob Van Dam delved into his feelings about his performance and the overwhelming response from the fans.

"Tonight felt incredible," RVD began, "I’ve always thrived on the positive energy from fans, and their unwavering support tonight was no different. Those chants, those signs – it’s a testament to the powerful connection we share.

It's pure love, the universe's strongest force." Furthermore, on his '1 Of A Kind' podcast, RVD gave fans a peek behind the curtain regarding his debut and what's next for him in AEW. He intriguingly hinted at the likelihood of him stepping into the AEW ring again.

Sharing about his post-match conversation with AEW’s head honcho, Tony Khan, RVD revealed, "Tony and I have discussed my return. As for the specifics, fans will have to be patient. What I can say is Tony expressed immense gratitude for my participation.

He was elated with the match and conveyed how great it was to have me on board." Although AEW has not officially announced any future engagements involving Rob Van Dam, the electric ambiance during his debut suggests fans are eager for more. And given his commendable display on Dynamite, there's a high chance we might see RVD go "All Elite" once more.

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