CM Punk's Tense Backstage Clash with AEW's Ryan Nemeth

Inside the ropes: AEW's unexpected backstage confrontation unfolds.

by Atia Mukhtar
CM Punk's Tense Backstage Clash with AEW's Ryan Nemeth

The world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was recently shaken by a confrontational backstage exchange between the iconic CM Punk and rising star Ryan Nemeth. This incident was ignited after Nemeth openly criticized Punk on social media.

Sources revealed that Ryan Nemeth arrived at AEW Collision only to later be informed he wasn't required for the event. A subsequent flight was organized for his return. Nemeth, who often appears with The Young Bucks on 'Being the Elite', confronted Punk backstage.

This came after he labeled Punk “literally the softest man alive” on Twitter. Punk had earlier jabbed at the “counterfeit Bucks” during his comeback promo.

Punk-Nemeth Clash: Inside Details

A detailed report by Wade Keller from PWTorch provides a more intimate perspective on the clash during Punk’s surprise Dynamite appearance on June 21st.

Keller's sources suggest, "Punk confronted Nemeth in the locker room, coming dangerously close, and aggressively inquiring if there was an issue to be sorted. He emphasized how Nemeth's tweet escalated the tension and portrayed a negative image." This altercation was observed by several wrestlers and was described as notably uncomfortable.

"The argument transitioned to the corridor where Punk continued his reproach," the sources continued. Nemeth defended his stance, alluding to Punk's initial remarks about the Bucks. Punk emphasized that Nemeth's timing was inappropriate, undermining the cohesive image they aimed to project.

After a heated exchange, they shook hands, but the palpable tension remained. Nemeth reportedly sought counsel from friends backstage, given the significant power disparity between him and the much-revered Punk. Fearing potential repercussions, he subsequently deactivated his Twitter account.

Wrestlers are in a challenging situation regarding CM Punk. AEW President Tony Khan's admiration for Punk is evident, emphasizing Punk's importance in AEW's promotional and merchandise strategy. The power dynamics seem skewed, with many wrestlers feeling the need to steer clear of any potential confrontations with Punk.

Keller highlighted Punk's desire for AEW Collision to maintain a “low-drama environment." Punk perceives any affiliations with The Elite as problematic. This perspective has seemingly granted him the unofficial authority to determine backstage presence.

Alongside Nemeth, both Adam Page and Christopher Daniels, the Head of Talent Relations, were reportedly barred from Collision. Punk, leading a talent assembly at AEW Collision in July, urged talents to distinguish Collision from Dynamite, reflecting his vision and aspirations for the show.

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