Hikaru Shida's Evolutionary Reign

Hikaru Shida's Vision for her Second AEW Women’s Championship Reign

by Noman Rasool
Hikaru Shida's Evolutionary Reign

As Hikaru Shida steps into the limelight once more as the AEW Women’s Champion, she's driven by a fresh vision for her second reign, distinctly setting it apart from her first. In a candid interview with Denise Salcedo, Shida sheds light on the changes she's gearing up to implement, topping the list is her desire to cut more promos.

“What I truly aim to achieve this time around is to fill the gaps from my first reign,” Shida passionately shared. One of the main differences she emphasized was the need for more personal interaction with her audience.

"I really want to [do a] promo in the ring. Previously, the worry about my English held me back. But now, I feel more equipped and ready," she asserted, hinting at her improved language skills and confidence.

Fierce Championship Vision

Shida's aspirations don't stop at merely cutting promos.

Emphasizing her fighting spirit, she shared her intention of defending her title with vigor and determination. “I aspire to be a fighting champion, to face and defend against as many challengers as I can,” she proudly stated.

Drawing inspiration from her roots, Shida added, “In Japan, before a title match, we usually have a series of matches. This not only helps in building gripping storylines but also escalates the fans’ anticipation and excitement.

I'm thrilled at the prospect of introducing a similar ethos during this reign”. Fans are already buzzing with excitement, as Shida's next title defense is slated to be a high-voltage Four-Way at the August 27th All In pay-per-view in London.

With the wrestling community eagerly discussing potential contenders for the spot, Shida, in her interview, tantalizingly teased her thoughts on one AEW superstar she hopes makes the cut. Hikaru Shida's reign promises to bring a fresh approach, blending her Japanese wrestling heritage with her new aspirations, thus ensuring that AEW's Women's division remains at the forefront of professional wrestling entertainment. With a champion so dedicated to evolution, the future indeed seems bright for fans and AEW alike.

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