Aubrey Edwards Lauds AEW Fight Forever, Teases New AEW Games Projects

Edwards unveils her gaming journey and teases upcoming projects.

by Noman Rasool
Aubrey Edwards Lauds AEW Fight Forever, Teases New AEW Games Projects

Aubrey Edwards, renowned referee and gaming enthusiast, recently shed light on her admiration for AEW's innovative console game, Fight Forever, during her appearance on the esteemed Under The Ring podcast. While Edwards wasn't directly associated with the game's creation, she expressed profound respect for the creative minds that brought the concept to life.

"I’m incredibly proud of Fight Forever, even though I wasn't involved directly," she began. Edwards went on to describe her astonishment at how members like Kenny Omega, who ventured into the gaming realm for the first time, executed the project flawlessly.

"Navigating the gaming world is no easy feat. It demands a combination of passion, dedication, and perseverance. Witnessing friends and colleagues, especially those without prior game development experience like Kenny, brave this journey, reminds me of my initial days in the industry."

Edwards Recalls Game Development Odyssey

Edwards is no stranger to the gaming universe.

Before her iconic stint with AEW, she had been involved in the creation of 12 video games. Drawing from her vast experience, she empathized with the team's challenges and triumphs during the game development process. "The journey of creating a game, especially for the first time, is like an emotional roller-coaster.

There's so much blood, sweat, and tears involved. Seeing the team come together and achieve this monumental task, it’s truly commendable." She further teased fans with the revelation that she's actively participating in new projects under the AEW Games banner.

While she remained tight-lipped about specifics, the excitement in her voice was palpable. "There are upcoming ventures I'm thrilled about, but it's a bit early to spill the beans," she hinted with a playful tone. Reflecting on her past contributions to AEW Games, Edwards fondly reminisced about "AEW Elite General Manager," the mobile General Manager simulator released two years ago.

"That was a project close to my heart," she said, "And now, there are more titles in the pipeline. Let's just leave it at that for now." It's evident that with Edwards' involvement, the future of AEW Games is in passionate and capable hands. Fans eagerly await more immersive gaming experiences from the AEW universe.