Cash Wheeler on the Significance of FTR's AEW Tag Title Reign


Cash Wheeler on the Significance of FTR's AEW Tag Title Reign

In the rich tapestry of tag team wrestling, few have matched the prowess exhibited by Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. Globetrotters in their own right, the pair's wrestling escapades have taken them to every corner of the world, collecting championship belts and accolades with a kind of gusto that's become synonymous with their brand.

This sustained brilliance, showcased across multiple promotions, has kindled debates among wrestling aficionados. The question of FTR's place in the annals of tag team wrestling history has taken center stage. It's a dialogue characterized by comparisons to legendary tag teams of yore and formidable present-day competitors.

Following their latest feat — a second-time acquisition of the AEW Tag Team Titles — Wheeler opened up in an interview with "DAZN." For him, this particular championship is not just another feather in their cap, but the culmination of a wrestling odyssey filled with highs and lows.

"It’s akin to our redemption story," Wheeler emphasized, lamenting the hiccups that marked their initial reign. "That first run left much to be desired."

Wheeler Reflects on Legacy

Recalling their wrestling journey, Wheeler highlighted key milestones: "One of our proudest moments and a dream we'd envisioned when teaming up initially was securing the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles.

Our stint with Ring of Honor indelibly stamped our legacy in this sport." However, he believes that this second stint with the AEW Tag Team Championship affirms their stature. "It's the clincher that establishes us as the world's premier tag team." In their quest to make this reign emblematic, FTR faced initial inertia.

But with the onset of "Collision," they recalibrated their momentum, culminating in defenses that did justice to their legacy. Recent bouts saw FTR staving off challenges from formidable teams like Bullet Club Gold, and the dynamism of MJF and Adam Cole.

But their most anticipated showdown looms on the horizon. The stage? AEW All In at Wembley Stadium. The opponents? The Young Bucks, with whom FTR has a storied rivalry marked by victories on both sides. On August 27th, in front of a mammoth crowd of 80,000, the two iconic tag teams are set to bring this chapter to a riveting close.