Booker T Disagrees with Mark Henry on WWE vs. AEW 'War' Debate

Wrestling tensions rise as Booker T voices strong opinions.

by Atia Mukhtar
Booker T Disagrees with Mark Henry on WWE vs. AEW 'War' Debate

In the most recent installment of his "Hall of Fame" podcast, wrestling legend Booker T shared his perspective on Mark Henry's remarks concerning the alleged absence of a 'war' between the two wrestling giants, WWE and AEW.

Contrary to Henry's claims, Booker T firmly believes that a rivalry is in full swing, and frankly, that's the way it should be. Reacting to Mark Henry's perspective, Booker T humorously remarked, "Mark Henry said there's no WWE-AEW war.

I've got to question what he's been on lately because it's definitely a war." He highlighted how every significant viewer metric that sees a dip immediately gets juxtaposed with WWE's performance. "Whenever AEW pulls in those big numbers, say 80,000 – that's incredible for them.

But remember, they've been building and promoting for a while to achieve this," he added.

Booker T Highlights 'Secondary' Controversy

Booker T's arguments didn't stop there. He pointed out the recent controversies where the term 'secondary' was thrown around.

"Last week there was a fuss about the 'secondary' label. If that's not a sign of underlying competition, what is?" he questioned. His underlying message was clear: competition breeds excellence, and this so-called 'war' ensures that the wrestling industry stays at its peak.

Echoing the sentiments that many fans might agree with, Booker T said, "Mark Henry mentioned, 'It's not a war; the fans are the ultimate winners.' And that's true. In such competitive atmospheres, fans always get the best.

Wrestlers push harder, move faster. It's not like a regular practice run; it's a race. And that's why I believe a war, in this context, is beneficial." Adding another layer to this debate, it's notable that while Mark Henry sees the entire wrestling industry booming beyond just WWE and AEW, Triple H had previously labeled AEW as a "secondary" entity during a documentary on Cody Rhodes.

This remark led to AEW's Tony Khan asserting AEW's dominance in the U.K. market right before the 'All In' event. All in all, as the lines continue to blur between friendly competition and intense rivalry, one thing remains clear: the world of wrestling is experiencing a renaissance, and fans are here for it.

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