LuFisto Supports CM Punk Amid AEW Women's Division Controversy


LuFisto Supports CM Punk Amid AEW Women's Division Controversy

In recent events surrounding the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) drama, independent wrestling sensation LuFisto has come to the defense of the iconic CM Punk amidst a brewing controversy involving multiple AEW talents. This endorsement comes as a surprise, especially when considering LuFisto's own history of contention with elements of the AEW women's division.

Taking to her social media, LuFisto shared an affectionate snapshot of her with CM Punk, painting him in an exceedingly positive light. She lauded him as both a "class act" and a "true gentleman," emphasizing the warm rapport she's experienced during their encounters.

She urged her followers not to be hasty in forming judgments, stating, "One person's PERSONAL experience is NOT... A) The gospel truth B) Facts C) Anything but one perspective influenced by PERSONAL experience and interaction." Further expressing her perspective, LuFisto reminisced, "Every time I met @CMPunk, he was nothing but cordial, embodying the ethos of a genuine professional." For context, LuFisto isn't unfamiliar with the AEW platform.

Her lone appearance was on an episode of "AEW Dark: Elevation" the previous year. Participating in a six-man tag team skirmish, she showcased her prowess, though AEW never offered her a formal contract. Post this appearance, she controversially insinuated that certain AEW figures wielded disproportionate influence, hinting at potential backstage disputes, especially with AEW's Dr.

Britt Baker. These allegations triggered a cascade of rebuttals from several AEW talents, who fervently vouched for the unity and camaraderie within the women's locker room.

Punk's Turmoil in AEW Deepens

CM Punk, on the other hand, seems to have inadvertently landed in the epicenter of the AEW controversy.

Whispers suggest Punk has been embroiled in backstage altercations with several wrestlers, notably "Hangman" Adam Page, Ryan Nemeth, and most recently, the dynamic "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry. Additionally, Punk's rumored informal role as a producer on "AEW Collision" has also reportedly caused friction.

His on-screen animosity with The Elite seems to mirror some real-life tensions, with a particularly sharp promo aimed at Page last week stoking the flames. As the wrestling community watches closely, it remains to be seen how these interpersonal dynamics unfold in the heart of AEW.

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