Backstage AEW Incident: Jack Perry & CM Punk Collide


Backstage AEW Incident: Jack Perry & CM Punk Collide
Backstage AEW Incident: Jack Perry & CM Punk Collide

In recent days, the backstage ambiance of AEW has been rife with whispers about CM Punk's alleged altercations with fellow wrestlers. Just yesterday, buzz surrounded a reported discord between Punk and Ryan Nemeth during an "AEW Collision" taping, which allegedly culminated in Nemeth's early exit from the venue.

Now, a fresh revelation from Fightful Select has added another name to the list, suggesting a verbal standoff between Punk and "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry. The dispute reportedly stemmed from Perry's intent to incorporate a real glass prop into a segment on an early episode of "Collision" during AEW's Canadian tour.

CM Punk, prioritizing safety, voiced his strong opposition against using genuine glass, citing the evident risks involved. Notably, Punk wasn’t the only one alarmed by the idea; Tony Schiavone, amongst others, was vocal in sharing these safety concerns.

AEW Implements Glass Protocol

The disagreement escalated with Perry being visibly upset as his vision for the segment was thwarted. Following the incident, AEW took preemptive measures, introducing stringent protocols that mandate obtaining explicit authorization from the management before employing real glass in any segment.

Punk, emphasizing the standards of "Collision", reportedly conveyed to Perry that such segments didn't align with the show's ethos. He further suggested Perry focus his energies on "AEW Dynamite" if he couldn’t come to terms with the limitations.

Though accounts vary— with some terming it a mere disagreement between the two, while others on Punk’s side alleging that Perry overreacted—the consensus among the majority appears to be in favor of Punk.

The proposition of real glass, after all, had raised eyebrows, not just among fellow wrestlers, but also the medical personnel associated with AEW.

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