AEW's Unforgettable Lake Showdown

AEW Dynamite's "Quake By The Lake" Episode Leaves an Indelible Mark

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Unforgettable Lake Showdown

In the world of wrestling, certain moments and matches leave an indelible mark on fans and performers alike. One such occasion was the AEW Dynamite's "Quake By The Lake" episode that aired on August 10, 2022. This unforgettable episode saw the Interim AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, go head-to-head with wrestling legend Chris Jericho.

Recently, Jericho delved deep into this match on his "Talk Is Jericho" podcast, reminiscing about the epic face-off. One can easily recollect the anticipation and excitement when Jericho made his grand entrance, reminiscent of his early "Lionheart" days.

Walking down to White Zombie's iconic tunes, he sported a revamped version of the "Lionheart" tights. This was not a mere fashion statement, but a nod to his younger self, harkening back to '96 when Jericho was setting the wrestling scene ablaze.

This well-calculated aesthetic choice was not lost on Tony Khan, the AEW President. According to Jericho, Khan was thoroughly impressed, remarking that Jericho looked almost the same as he did during his actual "Lionheart" days.

Jericho's drastic weight loss post his pulmonary embolism further enhanced the resemblance.

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The match itself was a testament to the raw talent and chemistry both Moxley and Jericho possess.

It was a brutal and hard-hitting spectacle, punctuated by Jericho's real-life injury, where he accidentally hit his head on the steel ring post. This led to a jagged scar on his forehead, which stands as a testament to the authenticity and intensity the match brought to the ring.

What took fans by surprise was the unexpected moment when Moxley kicked out of Jericho's "Judas Effect", adding to the roller coaster of emotions they were already on. This match was an embodiment of the passion and dedication both wrestlers have for the sport, evident in their willingness to go to great lengths to put on a spectacular show.

However, not all reactions to this exceptional match were positive. Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer's decision to award the bout four and three-quarters stars instead of a full five was a bone of contention, particularly for Tony Khan.

Despite Meltzer's rating, in the eyes of many, including Jericho himself, it was unequivocally a five-star match. All in all, AEW's "Quake By The Lake" is bound to remain etched in wrestling lore, showcasing the enduring legacy and unparalleled commitment of performers like Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho.