Britt Baker DMD: Balancing AEW Stardom and Dentistry

Wrestling Star Britt Baker and her Dental Dilemmas.

by Noman Rasool
Britt Baker DMD: Balancing AEW Stardom and Dentistry

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, has undoubtedly made her mark both in the squared circle of AEW and in the dental office. The talented wrestler-dentist has quickly risen to become one of AEW's brightest stars, capturing hearts and titles alike.

However, recently on the Jon Chuckery Show, Baker candidly discussed her decision to scale back her dental commitments in light of her burgeoning wrestling career. Baker's dedication to both her professions has always been evident.

Juggling between high-octane wrestling matches and delicate dental procedures is no mean feat. But as AEW's schedule evolved, becoming more demanding, it presented challenges for Baker. The dynamism of the wrestling world, coupled with last-minute calls for media events or TV tapings, meant that her commitments to her dental practice occasionally took a backseat.

As one of AEW's flagship stars, Baker feels the responsibility to be available for the brand, often at short notice.

Baker's Dual-Career Dilemma

“I don’t want to be calling off last minute at the dental office all the time if Tony [Tony Khan] needs me for something," stated Baker, expressing her dedication to AEW.

Yet, she also acknowledged the unfairness of frequently canceling on her patients and the strain it places on her dental staff. With a sense of professionalism, Baker has chosen to be present at her dental practice a handful of times each month, prioritizing her longstanding patients.

This decision was not just a result of her wrestling commitments but also due to the unexpected challenges of fame. Fans often blurred the lines between Baker the wrestler and Baker the dentist, seeking autographs during dental visits, causing undue stress on her dental team.

Baker's decision is a testament to her commitment to both her passions. She values the trust patients place in her, and equally cherishes the adoration of her wrestling fans. As the former women’s champion reflects on her 8-year journey in professional wrestling, she stands as an emblem of balancing success in two demanding careers, prioritizing responsibility, and always putting her best foot (or tooth!) forward.

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