Konnan Highlights Two Top AEW Storylines


Konnan Highlights Two Top AEW Storylines

Veteran wrestling icon Konnan, known for his candid views, recently shared his thoughts about the current narratives unfolding in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) during his "K100" podcast. Two of the myriad of plots AEW has under its wings have caught the legendary wrestler's attention.

To start with, Konnan expressed admiration for the evolving relationship between the AEW World Champion, MJF, and the celebrated Adam Cole. Their camaraderie birthed during the Blind Tag Team Eliminator Tournament culminated in victory on the July 19 episode of "AEW Dynamite." This triumph led them to challenge the reigning AEW Tag Team Champions FTR on "AEW Collision." Despite their defeat, the bond between MJF and Cole remained intact.

Konnan Analyzes Fan Appeal

Konnan mused on the appeal of their storyline, stating, "The majority of their fans — nerds, geeks — without sounding disrespectful, they love this sort of storyline. The antics, the trampoline-jumping, and the best friend dynamic is something they adore." He also touched upon the creative freedom MJF enjoys.

"MJF, I'm convinced, writes his material. While Tony Khan might have a say, MJF's authenticity shines through. And with Adam Cole playing along, it's no wonder they've captured the audience's heart," Konnan noted. The second AEW narrative that piqued Konnan's interest revolved around Chris Jericho.

Specifically, it delves into the disbandment of the Jericho Appreciation Society and Jericho's strained ties with Don Callis, which took a darker turn in the recent episode of "AEW Dynamite." With a tone of admiration, the AAA booker elaborated, "Between the magic MJF and Cole have spun and the rollercoaster that Jericho's story has become, AEW has two genuine hits on their hands." However, Konnan also voiced confusion regarding MJF's decision to grapple twice during the upcoming 'All In' event in London.

While MJF and Cole are set to challenge the ROH Tag Team Champions, Aussie Open, during the pre-show, the main event sees a potential rift in the friendship as MJF defends his AEW World Championship against none other than Adam Cole. In sum, while AEW has a bouquet of storylines, for Konnan, MJF-Cole's bromance and Jericho's trials stand out.

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