Eric Bischoff Hopes Sting Retires at AEW All In


Eric Bischoff Hopes Sting Retires at AEW All In
Eric Bischoff Hopes Sting Retires at AEW All In

In a monumental announcement last week, wrestling fans received confirmation that Sting, an iconic figure in professional wrestling, is set to make an appearance at the highly anticipated All In event at Wembley Stadium. Not only will he be in attendance, but he will also share the spotlight in a coffin-drop match, teaming up with Darby Allin to take on Swerve Strickland and AR Fox.

With Wembley expected to house almost 80,000 eager fans, the atmosphere promises to be electrifying. Among the audience, and possibly millions more tuning in worldwide, is the voice of industry stalwart Eric Bischoff, who believes that this might be the perfect setting for Sting to draw the curtain on his illustrious in-ring career.

Bischoff's Hope for Sting's Apex

Speaking on "Strictly Business," Bischoff candidly expressed his hopes for Steve Borden, the man behind the Sting persona. "Seeing Steve step into the ring in front of 80,000 fans, feeling that raw energy, the admiration, and the sheer love from the audience— that has to rank as one of the pinnacle moments in his storied journey," Bischoff remarked.

"For someone like him, why not let this be the climax? Why not retire on such an undeniable high?" Sting has hinted at the impending conclusion of his wrestling journey, fueling speculations about Wembley being the chosen venue for his farewell.

While he has been vocal about All In not marking his final bout, Bischoff raised the compelling point of how AEW might outdo this event within the short timeframe Sting seems to have set for his eventual retirement. Drawing a comparison, Bischoff further elaborated, "After soaking in the adoration of 80,000 fans, transitioning to wrestling for a television audience of maybe 5,000 doesn’t seem fitting for someone of Sting's stature.

It's about leaving a legacy. It's about savoring every fleeting moment at Wembley, basking in its glory, and perhaps bowing out with the most gratifying smile, without a shadow of regret."

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