AEW Champ to Retire Title


AEW Champ to Retire Title

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) could be witnessing the departure of a prestigious championship from its roster. Currently, AEW boasts seven official titles. Yet, the promotion has graciously opened its doors to feature championships from other renowned wrestling promotions such as Ring of Honor, AAA, NJPW, and even IMPACT Wrestling.

In a unique twist, the iconic CM Punk is now positioning himself as the “Real World Champion”. He proudly carries a belt adorned with a distinctive 'X' emblem. The backstory behind this is a reflection of Punk's claims: he was never defeated for this title.

Instead, following the All Out event in 2022, he was controversially stripped of it.

AEW's Controversial FTW Saga

Furthermore, a unique chapter in AEW's history is the inclusion of the FTW Championship. It's essential to clarify that this title doesn't have AEW’s official sanction.

Wrestling aficionado will recognize this championship's origin back in the ECW days, thanks to Taz. When Taz decided to form Team Taz with Brian Cage in AEW, he reintroduced this belt. It saw various transitions, with Ricky Starks capturing it after Cage’s exit and then Taz’s own prodigy, HOOK, snatching it from Starks.

But a stunning upset occurred on the July 19th episode of Dynamite, where Jack Perry clinched victory over HOOK. However, Perry's win wasn't just about the gold. He belittled the championship's heritage and even ECW. This disdain led to a clash against WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam.

Yet, even RVD couldn't best the rising AEW talent. In a recent promo video on Dynamite, shot in Nashville, Perry announced his intentions to retire the FTW title next week. As the wrestling community speculates, only time will reveal if Perry will retire the belt or face an unexpected twist.

Away from the FTW drama, the road to AEW's All In event was illuminated on Dynamite. Dr. Britt Baker DMD ensured her spot for the AEW Women’s Title bout by besting The Bunny. Simultaneously, the gifted Will Ospreay made his much-anticipated return in Nashville, setting the stage for a high-stakes match against Chris Jericho in Ospreay's home turf. To add a touch of the surreal, a horror film legend also graced Dynamite, leaving fans in awe and anticipation.