Jade Cargill Recent Dynamite Backstage Appearance. AEW Status Update


Jade Cargill Recent Dynamite Backstage Appearance. AEW Status Update
Jade Cargill Recent Dynamite Backstage Appearance. AEW Status Update

In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), former TBS Women's Champion Jade Cargill has been a force to reckon with since her debut in 2020. Upon her entrance, she quickly climbed the ranks, not only establishing herself as the longest-reigning champion in AEW's young history but also maintaining an unparalleled undefeated streak until May 2023.

Jade's Mysterious AEW Hiatus"

However, in a surprising twist, following her defeat by Kris Statlander at the "Double or Nothing" event, Jade has been conspicuously absent from the AEW scene. The arena's electric atmosphere hasn't felt her magnetic presence since that defeat, and her silence during her hiatus has fueled speculations.

It is even rumored, based on her subtle hints, that she might be cherishing her life away from wrestling's spotlight and might be contemplating not making a comeback. But the question on everyone's mind has been: Is Jade Cargill still with AEW? Recent insights from Fightful Select might provide a hint.

During the August 9th AEW Dynamite taping, it was reported that Cargill was indeed present backstage. The details surrounding her backstage appearance remain shrouded in mystery. There is no concrete information on why she was there or if she has any plans to reappear in the ring anytime soon.

However, what's clear is that Jade is still under an AEW contract and her current absence seems to be part of a planned hiatus. Dave Meltzer, in a July edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, expressed his bewilderment about Jade's sudden vanishing act.

He mentioned, "Now that nobody has brought up Jade Cargill on the screen for quite some time, and with her hinting at not returning, it's honestly one of the most puzzling bookings in recent memory." Meltzer continued, emphasizing the peculiarity of keeping top-tier talents like Britt Baker away from Cargill, making many of her wins look one-sided.

He added, "After all the years of careful character buildup, her sudden departure post her loss to Statlander, without any explanation, seems inexplicable." Only time will tell if Jade Cargill will return to the AEW arena or if she chooses to embrace a different path.

Jade Cargill Aew

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