Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray Highlight AEW Dynamite Production Flaw

AEW's recent show sparks discussion on production choices.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray Highlight AEW Dynamite Production Flaw

In last night's episode of "AEW Dynamite," a series of intense storylines culminated dramatically. However, the hosts of "Busted Open Radio" believe the program might have been too ambitious, leaving viewers with a somewhat disjointed experience.

Tommy Dreamer kicked off the discussion by pointing out some of the questionable placement of segments throughout the night. "While there was an undeniable energy, it often felt like the show was sprinting," Dreamer said. He emphasized how essential it is for production teams to judiciously decide what stays and what gets cut, especially when they're running against the clock.

"It's a delicate balance; the show slightly overran its slot. In scenarios like this, professionals behind the scenes must swiftly adapt," Dreamer commented. He further elaborated that while promoters might ideate excellent storylines, they often have to reconcile with on-the-ground realities.

"Last night was a case in point, with a whirlwind of events unfolding."

Pacing Crucial in AEW Production

Dreamer's sentiments were echoed by the former ECW Champion, who emphasized that the in-the-moment decisions regarding pacing and segment cuts are paramount.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach; the team needs to be agile and discerning. Bully Ray offered a sharper critique, opining that the packed nature of the latest "Dynamite" episode might have done it a disservice. "While variety is great, when segments start to mirror each other, the distinctiveness is lost," he remarked.

With a chuckle, he drew a parallel with Paul Heyman's famous "eat, sleep, conquer, repeat," noting that much of last night's show seemed to be on a repetitive loop of "eat, sleep, run-in, repeat." Furthermore, Bully Ray lamented that the rapid succession of segments prevented any single moment from genuinely resonating with the audience.

However, he did reserve praise for the segment featuring Chris Jericho and Don Callis, which he felt stood out, although he had reservations about its conclusion. In sum, while "AEW Dynamite" consistently aims for dynamism, last night's episode perhaps serves as a reminder that pacing and segment differentiation are equally crucial for a holistic viewer experience.

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