Dave Meltzer Analyzes AEW Roster Tensions with CM Punk


Dave Meltzer Analyzes AEW Roster Tensions with CM Punk

In an intriguing development following the August 16 episode of "AEW Dynamite," the latest Ring of Honor (ROH) tapings veered from their customary Saturday evening time slot. This divergence caught the attention of many within the professional wrestling community.

On the most recent installment of "Wrestling Observer Radio," seasoned analyst Dave Meltzer conjectured that the alteration in the schedule could stem from an anticipated absence of the Saturday taping in the forthcoming week.

Wrestlers' Tensions with Punk Highlighted

However, the particular participation of certain wrestlers piqued significant interest. At these tapings, the wrestling ring saw the likes of Ryan Nemeth, Christopher Daniels, Colt Cabana, and Brandon Cutler — each of whom has been at the heart of rumored backstage disputes with AEW stalwart CM Punk.

Meltzer postulated that unless ROH tapings shift to Wednesdays or other non-Saturday dates, these wrestlers might not be frequenting the ROH arena in the future. This assumption is bolstered by the fact that ROH usually schedules its tapings around "AEW Collision," the flagship show of CM Punk.

Based on emerging reports, Punk, also known as the "Second City Saint," has expressed his preference against having the aforementioned performers present on Saturdays. Adding another layer to this evolving narrative is the case of Colt Cabana.

Once an integral part of ROH's managerial fabric, Cabana's responsibilities were apparently adjusted to accommodate Wednesday tapings, a strategic move post Punk's high-profile return to AEW in June. Their personal animosity became glaringly evident during the "Brawl Out" media confrontation, where Punk candidly touched upon their historical legal disputes.

Reconciliation, under the present circumstances, seems like a distant possibility. On a similar note, Daniels and Nemeth's absence from Saturday tapings is believed to be a consequence of their alleged differences with Punk.

In the midst of all this, Cutler's association with 'The Elite', and their documented backstage conflicts with Punk makes his role in this intricate web of relationships even more captivating.

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