AEW All In Outpaces WWE SummerSlam '92, WrestleMania 32 Ticket Sales

AEW's "All In" sets new benchmarks in ticket sales.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW All In Outpaces WWE SummerSlam '92, WrestleMania 32 Ticket Sales

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is making waves in the professional wrestling world, as their upcoming event, "All In," is set to break records. Scheduled for August 27th at the iconic Wembley Stadium, the event has already surpassed ticket sales of two legendary WWE events, a testament to the growing popularity and reach of AEW.

The recent numbers reveal that over 80,000 tickets have been sold for "All In," with enthusiasts from all corners of the world gearing up to witness the spectacle at one of the UK's most prestigious venues. The card boasts a star-studded lineup, including industry giants like CM Punk, MJF, and Kenny Omega.

Notably, England's very own wrestling sensation, Will Ospreay, will also be gracing the ring. Given the magnitude of the event and its lineup, "All In" is poised to be the most monumental show in AEW's four-year trajectory.

"All In" Surpasses WWE Milestones

A recent report from the esteemed "Wrestling Observer" highlighted that "All In" ticket distributions have eclipsed WWE's SummerSlam 1992, with a count of 80,544. But the milestones don't stop there.

"WrestleTix" has confirmed that the number has further climbed to 80,846, outdoing WrestleMania 32 held in Arlington, Texas. However, it's essential to differentiate between tickets distributed and actual attendance. While "All In" is ahead in distribution, it might not necessarily translate to a higher official attendance than its WWE counterparts.

For AEW to set a new benchmark in highest paid attendance and gate numbers, they would need to sell an additional 4,800 tickets within the next nine days. To put this in perspective, WWE's recent SummerSlam event in Detroit managed to sell 4,000 tickets in its last four days.

WWE's current momentum, driven by storylines like The Bloodline saga and the resurgence of Cody Rhodes, is undeniable. As the countdown to the London pay-per-view intensifies, only one episode of "AEW Dynamite" and two of "AEW Collision" remain.

The wrestling community is abuzz with anticipation, especially with the expected announcement of a showdown between Samoa Joe and CM Punk in the imminent future.

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