Mikey Whipwreck Critiques AEW Dynamite Inconsistencies

Dynamite's latest episode draws scrutiny from ECW legend.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mikey Whipwreck Critiques AEW Dynamite Inconsistencies

Mikey Whipwreck, a revered name from the ECW era and former ECW Tag Team Champion, recently expressed his displeasure with the recent episode of "AEW Dynamite." Speaking candidly on "Busted Open Radio," he dissected the "Fight For The Fallen" event with a discerning eye.

His first point of contention was the Texas Chainsaw Match. Recounting a scene, Whipwreck said, "Watching the babyfaces dominate Jarrett in a 4-to-1 scenario had me perplexed." He questioned the logic behind Jarrett's heel allies coming to the rescue, driving off the dominant babyfaces, implying it would've been more intriguing to witness the babyfaces swooping in to save Jeff Hardy from Jarrett's menacing crew.

Whipwreck Questions AEW Choices

Whipwreck's critical analysis extended to the promo involving Adam Cole and MJF. "While I appreciated the climax of the promo," he remarked, "the entirety of it left me wanting. The delivery felt inconsistent and haphazard." He also pointed out another inconsistency with The Young Bucks.

Despite their babyface status, their decision to cheat their way to victory against the Gunns struck Whipwreck as incongruous. Interestingly, Whipwreck wasn't alone in his critique. Fellow ECW alumni Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer shared similar sentiments about "AEW Dynamite." Both felt that the continuity of the episode was disrupted with excessive run-ins, causing the individual segments to lose their distinctiveness.

Dreamer opined that AEW's production could benefit from an experienced hand who knows how to effectively trim content, ensuring the narrative flow isn't hampered by rushed plot points. However, it's essential to note that not all feedback was critical.

Despite Whipwreck's reservations about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deathmatch pitting Hardy against Jarrett, Warner Bros Discovery had a contrasting opinion. Sources indicate they were thrilled with the match's execution, primarily since it was conceived to drum up anticipation for an upcoming video game inspired by the iconic horror series.