Freddie Prinze Jr. Labels AEW's Rising Star as Top Heel


Freddie Prinze Jr. Labels AEW's Rising Star as Top Heel
Freddie Prinze Jr. Labels AEW's Rising Star as Top Heel

On the latest installment of "Wrestling With Freddie," Hollywood actor and ex-WWE scribe Freddie Prinze Jr. shed light on the rising prominence of AEW's Ricky Starks, particularly after his notable outings on "AEW Collision." Freddie enthusiastically stated, "'Absolute Ricky Starks,' as he proclaims, but after what I've seen, it’s more like 'Undeniably Starks.'

When he stepped onto that ramp, that purse-turned-backpack he sported wasn’t just an accessory but a statement. And let’s not forget that belt—the very same one he used to take down the legendary Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat.

This week marked a significant change. The audience finally showed some dissent. To get those jeers, all it took was besting a septuagenarian."

Prinze Jr. Lauds Heel Ricky

Prinze Jr. continued to sing Starks' praises, "Heel Ricky consistently impresses me.

In my books, he's effortlessly claimed the top heel spot in all of AEW. Sure, he's had the fortune of being paired with icons like CM Punk and has been at the forefront of major storylines and weekly show openings. But honestly? He's worked for every bit of that spotlight.

Whenever AEW has handed him an opportunity, no matter how minuscule, he's amplified it." Prinze Jr. then drew upon an old Taz quote to emphasize his point, "Remember what Taz used to say? — 'Turning chicken s*** into chicken salad.'

That’s a testament to a performer's prowess. Ricky has that innate ability. He's been dealt some commendable cards lately, and see the magic he creates. His weekly performances are a testament to his commitment. Even if some segments outshine others, Ricky hasn’t delivered a lackluster 'AEW Collision' episode." Starks underwent a significant character shift this July, resorting to underhanded tactics to defeat CM Punk in the climactic finale of the Owen Hart Foundation tournament.

Fast forward to August 5, and Starks threw down the gauntlet, aiming to dethrone Punk's "Real" AEW World Championship. While he might not have secured the title, with Steamboat acting as the special guest enforcer, Starks undeniably left an indelible mark.

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