Edge Rumored for AEW Move: Backstage Buzz


Edge Rumored for AEW Move: Backstage Buzz
Edge Rumored for AEW Move: Backstage Buzz

The WWE Universe may be preparing for Edge's potential curtain call but whispers from the wrestling grapevine hint at a possible segue into AEW for the revered superstar. This past Friday, Toronto's WWE Smackdown was illuminated by Edge's victory over Sheamus, a triumphant moment set against the backdrop of the iconic Rated R Superstar’s hometown.

This win wasn’t just another notch in Edge's belt – it marked a nostalgic ode to his sterling 25-year career with WWE, which embarked on its legendary journey in 1998. Throughout his tenure, Edge dominated the ring and solidified his position in WWE’s Hall of Fame, with accolades affirming him as one of the sport's monumental figures.

However, the bout against Sheamus carried an undercurrent of finality. Edge announced it as his last contractual WWE match, divulging that his contract winds up at September’s end. With the culmination of Edge's WWE agreement, speculations are rife.

Could Adam Copeland, as fans affectionately know him beyond the ring, be eyeing AEW for his next wrestling odyssey? Insights from Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp emphasize that although WWE retains the "Edge" moniker, Adam Copeland’s transition to AEW isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

Buzz Grows: Copeland's AEW Potential

Intriguingly, within the AEW corridors, murmurs of Copeland’s potential entry have grown louder. Several insiders believe this transition is not just a fleeting rumor but a plausible reality.

Close associates of Copeland contend that this AEW shift is not as implausible as some may assume. Several AEW talents share a personal bond with Edge. His lifelong friend, Christian Cage, after not securing a renewed deal with WWE in 2021, switched to AEW.

He has since been grappling part-time, mirroring Edge's recent WWE trajectory. Additionally, Copeland’s rapport with FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, given their proximity in North Carolina and past collaborations during his return to the ring, is well-documented.

As for WWE, they've maintained an air of reluctance, seldom divulging details on superstar contract renewals or terminations. Notably, during Edge's 2019-2020 wrestling comeback considerations, he did engage in discussions with AEW's Tony Khan before cementing a three-year, approximately $3 million annual deal with WWE.

As Edge approaches the 50-year milestone this October, and given his commendable physical condition amidst past injuries, the wrestling world is on tenterhooks: will he rekindle his alliance with WWE, hang up his boots, or embark on an AEW venture? The latter is increasingly seeming like a compelling reality.

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