Edge's Potential AEW Leap

WWE Legend Edge's Potential Move to AEW Sparks Industry Buzz

by Noman Rasool
Edge's Potential AEW Leap

In a stunning development in the world of professional wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, also known as Adam Copeland, has fueled rumors of a potential switch to AEW. Following a landmark victory over Sheamus during SmackDown's 25th Anniversary Celebration for Edge's WWE career in Toronto, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculations about his next move.

Edge's heartfelt post-match promo added to the speculation. He openly informed the media that his bout with Sheamus was his last contractual obligation with WWE. Better Wrestling Experience highlighted talks of a contract extension, though no further updates were provided.

Following the iconic match, Edge's sentiment-laden address to the Toronto audience signaled a potential end to his time in WWE. He mentioned, "No matter where I make my main residence, this is always in my heart." Edge, seemingly uncertain about the future, shared his plans to consult his family before deciding on his next steps.

However, the plot thickens. Despite the finality of the Sheamus showdown, it has emerged that Edge's WWE contract lasts till September's end. He verified this in a pre-SmackDown interview. Reports from Fightful Select indicate that due to prior injuries, Edge had time appended to his WWE tenure.

This is yet to be confirmed by Edge's close associates.

Edge's AEW Transition?

AEW insiders view Edge's potential transition to their brand as a tangible reality. If he made the move, he would probably go by his birth name, Adam Copeland, since WWE retains rights to the "Edge" moniker.

Notably, earlier this year, sources intimate with Edge suggested that him joining AEW wasn't a far-fetched idea. His close ties with AEW's Christian Cage and the World Tag Team Champions FTR, who mentored him for his comeback, further add to the speculation.

The rumor mills had started churning even before Edge's recent revelation about the Sheamus match being his WWE swansong. Tony Khan, AEW's President, had expressed interest in signing Edge as early as 2019, even before it was clear that Edge could return to in-ring action.

Edge's transparent conversation with WWE's Vince McMahon about potential AEW negotiations led to his subsequent WWE comeback. Further fueling the AEW rumors, Ringside News quoted a veteran WWE creative team member noting a lack of agreement regarding Edge's WWE contract, speculating that Edge might indeed transition to AEW.

However, PWInsider's report indicates that based on Edge's recent comments, any move might only be possible post-September or October. This timeline means fans shouldn't expect Edge's surprise appearance at AEW's All In event in London. The coming months will reveal where this iconic wrestler will choose to leave his next mark.

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