Cody Rhodes Lauds Bucks Before AEW All In


Cody Rhodes Lauds Bucks Before AEW All In

Cody Rhodes Reflects on AEW's All In Legacy and The Young Bucks' Evolution. Back in 2018, the professional wrestling industry felt a gust of refreshing innovation. It was a time when Cody Rhodes, in tandem with The Young Bucks, decided to venture into a bold, unprecedented territory.

They personally financed what would become one of the most defining moments in independent wrestling history: the original All In event. This endeavor wasn't merely a gamble. The show's instant success was evident when 10,000 tickets flew off the virtual shelves within just 30 minutes, filling every seat at the Sears Center in Chicago.

On that fateful night, the arena pulsated with energy as stars from nearly every major wrestling company globally unified for what many hailed as the most significant independent wrestling spectacle in decades.

AEW's Grand Wembley Showdown

Fast-forward five years, and Tony Khan, armed with the indomitable spirit that powered All In, prepares to bring AEW to the iconic Wembley Stadium in London, set to house over 80,000 enthusiastic fans.

Among the line-up, The Young Bucks gear up to challenge FTR for the prestigious AEW Tag Team Championship. However, while the Bucks step into the limelight, Cody Rhodes will be observing from afar, having made his return to WWE in 2022.

Recently, during a Reddit AMA, Cody Rhodes delved into his thoughts on the forthcoming AEW All In. He expressed immense pride in The Young Bucks, applauding them for elevating the original concept to unparalleled heights. Sharing some behind-the-scenes trivia, Cody revealed, “I will be working that day, but I am incredibly happy for all the talented men and women who will be showcasing their skills.

Immense credit to Matt and Nick for amplifying our brainchild. Also, a big shout out to my sister, Teil, who coined the event’s name, and Joe Koff from ROH for believing in us and granting the freedom to carve our path”.

As fans may recall, during the inaugural All-In event, although Cody didn't headline, his presence was unmistakably dominant. The wrestling community was abuzz as "The American Nightmare" clinched a monumental victory against Nick Aldis, securing the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in a match that was as emotionally charged as it was athletically astounding.

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