AEW Eyeing Ex-Stardom Champ Mariah May

Rising star May drops hints of a looming shift.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Eyeing Ex-Stardom Champ Mariah May

Since her debut in World Wonder Ring Stardom this past January, British wrestling sensation Mariah May has rapidly made her mark within the esteemed Japanese wrestling promotion. Not only did she clinch the prestigious Goddess of Stardom Championship alongside her Club Venus ally, Mina Shirakawa - the dynamic duo known to fans as "Rose Gold" - but she has also earned her spot in the 5*STAR Grand Prix, registering impressive victories over formidable opponents including Shirakawa and AZM.

Stateside, her achievements haven't gone under the radar. According to inside sources from Fightful Select, discussions have been held within All Elite Wrestling (AEW) about possibly recruiting English talent. Interestingly, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the global titan of professional wrestling, has also shown a keen interest in May.

There's a buzz that they've been monitoring the progress of the 25-year-old closely. They even once invited her for a tryout early in her burgeoning career. However, despite WWE's evident interest, AEW seems to be leading the race.

Insider talks suggest AEW is gaining momentum in potentially signing her.

Mariah May's Uncertain Future

Whether Mariah May is on the brink of a significant move remains a subject of speculation. She continues her wrestling journey with Stardom in Japan, and it's not definitively known if she's engaged in contract talks with AEW or WWE.

Nonetheless, certain clues hint at a potential shift: May's recent decision to shut down her Big Cartel store, her parting from the Goddess of Stardom titles on August 13, and a cryptic tweet expressing gratitude for her stint in Japan.

In the immediate future, May has her hands full in Stardom, particularly with the ongoing 5*STAR Grand Prix. She's still a significant player in the Blue Star group, slated to face off against powerhouses like Utami Hayashishita, Hanan, Maika, Mirai, and Momo Watanabe.

Therefore, seeing her feature in AEW's mega-event, "All In London," at the iconic Wembley Stadium this Sunday, incredibly close to her hometown, seems unlikely. Yet, in the unpredictable world of wrestling, one never truly knows.